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Rik Krieger 2019

Time is on the move, constantly. In today's world of sensory overload, it is hard to focus on the important things in life that can make a difference - in our professional and personal lives.... When we listen well, when we open our eyes and our hearts, when we take those few seconds of time, we are born to make a difference, for those around us as well as for ourselves. This is called: Impact

learning is hard

not learning is easy

constant learning is called:

personal evolution

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Traveling the world is of great fascination, especially when it allows you to come into contact with different cultures. Having set foot on 7 continents but still not having seen a fraction of the planet, it is obvious that diversity in every possible way is the key to many things - but first of all mutual understanding.

Rik Krieger 2021
Rik Krieger traveling
Rik Krieger 2019

Changing our perspective, involving everyone and not just a few, is elementary to move forward. Together we are not only stronger but also smarter, better.

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Rik Krieger Blockcain Basix youtube
Ethereum network as islandvisit Blockchain Basix info

With this educational series I am trying to throw some light into the complex crypto world. Currently available in german, soon to be published in english too.

my projects

Rik Krieger HOPR

HOPR keeps any exchange of data, private & secure.
The HOPR protocol is a layer-0 privacy foundation for anyone to build on.
Standard end-to-end encryption does not provide sufficient privacy. It leaks important Meta-Data, such as who is exchanging data, when, and how often. Securing network-level privacy with HOPR unlocks a range of opportunities such as the safe connection between devices and clouds. HOPR is  Next Generation Data Privacy

HOPR founded 2020
Rik Krieger SONECT

SONECT is a payment platform that brings cash + digital assets together. Searching for an ATM is a waste of time, so why not withdraw cash from all the shops you shopping every day? Besides facilitating access to cash, especially in rural areas where the operational costs of an ATM are too high, one of the most important goals is financial inclusion. By 2022, over 30% of all people are be unable to open a bank account. Investors are: Arca Continental (Coca Cola), Loomis & BNL Italy and others.

SONECT founden 2017
Rik Krieger Swiss Comedy Awards

Laughter is probably the best way to relax, unwind and forget the stress of hectic everyday life. It also makes us think about the many things that are not perfect, be it with ourselves, society or the world itself. STAND-UP! is the number one organizer of German-speaking comedians in Switzerland. We host solo shows as well as mixed shows and talent searches. Every September we celebrate the best comedians with a big red carpet gala in Zurich at the Swiss Comedy Awards. Be there live or watch the show on SF 1

STAND-UP! founded 2015
Rik Krieger SONECT Television

Born in Germany, I graduated from a classical Gymnasium, did my military service in the German air force and completed my commercial training with a tour operator as merchant. At the age of 22, I moved to Switzerland, where I did my bachelor's degree at a university of applied sciences in St. Gallen. Here I had the good fortune to learn in so many different disciplines in a foreign country. I then continued my career in business development at Gate Group International, where I developed products for various airlines worldwide.

Rik Krieger Swiss Comedy Awards

In the following years, I was able to gain extensive experience in the areas of strategy and business development at various companies. In 2015, I co-founded a Swiss comedy production company because I believe that laughter is essential. Two years later, I started my Executive Master at the University of Zurich and co-founded SONECT, which I successfully led into Europe's FinTech Top 50. As the topic of data privacy is becoming more and more important, I co-founded HOPR.

ngfrau Launch 2020

Everything in & around the commercial area is my passion: especially strategy and shaping the company culture, HR, business development as well as brand & marketing, but also finance & operations.


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